2 Antedotes To Your Weakness

  • Self Consciousness
  • Self Control
    How can each of these two affect a weakness?
    Share your thoughts, thanks!

The Reward of Patience

“Always wait for your time; remember the patient dog, he ate the fatest bone

Waiting might be boring,
Persevering might be painfull, but the reward settles all. The reward is your compensation.

You might be believing God to grant your request, keep on believing, don’t stop because your reward might be at hand.

My Principle

It is

    your acceptance

to what people say about you that works, but remember that

    you are who God says you are

(God’s word), hence rebuke or wave off anything wrongly said about you, avoid feeling hurt by such words.

“Everyone says what they wish, like or think because they own their mouth, hence do not be bothered about wrong words from anyone.”

Can You Fly?

I believe if human beings had the natural ability of flying they would not hesitate a minute, flying in the context of the topic is the aspiration to move to an higher level or stage, for example when climbing a step; your best effort might be; climbing 3-4 steps at a time depending on how high or low the step and your leg is, try it and see the effort it takes, underline the word


, for every great achievement there must definitely be a great level of effort.

“flying in the context of the topic is the aspiration to move to an higher level or stage”

Bottom line: a man’s effort determines his achievements, if you are aspiring for great achievements you need to put in great efforts.

“for every great achievement there must definitely be a great level of effort.”

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Different People

There are different types of people in this world:

Type A: Do not ask them of what to do, instead instruct them

Type B: Do not instruct them, ask them of what is to be done

Type C: Feel free to ask them on what to do and also instruct them

Type D: Do not ask and do not instruct, just stay on your own.

This tells you not to be surprised of the attitude and behaviour of people around you when trying to get things done, it also helps you to know how to deal with them. When you know who someone is you will know how to handle, treat or direct the person. Lastly, it helps us to know the quadrant in which we fall.

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My Thoughts

Everyone has a talent and gift deposited into their life by GOD.

Build on that productivity in you, develop that special gift

Never envy the talents of others, instead admire and give courage to them, this makes yours to blossom in a great way.

When we first met

“When we first met you always smiled at me, you were very nice 🙂 , cared about my feelings but now you seem to have changed, why?”


When people meet for a first time; they tend to display or camouflage an attitude different from their true self, at the same time others have this genuine feeling of kindness, love and willingness to help.


The botomline of this issue is that we always want to create a good first impression whenever we meet new people